Why your space really matters?


I mentioned last week that I was going to be attending a wedding over the weekend. It was beautiful, just really amazing. The setting was an incredible botanic garden. A tent was constructed for the reception and upon entering the tent you felt transported to another world. Every detail worked together to create an experience of family, love, connection, celebration, and beauty.

Think about different events you have attended or places you have visited and how the surroundings affected your mood, your experience, your memory of that moment in time.

Now I know that even if this couple had elected to get married in their backyard it would have been a wonderful afternoon filled with love and family. BUT the truth is that because they choose to create a world unto themselves; their wedding day will be unforgettable to everyone who attended most of all the couple themselves, a great way to begin their life together as a married couple.

So what does this have to do with your space? your Wealth Roomshutterstock_174949859?

Everything! When you design a space with intention and attention to the details then you are creating your very own experience.

Specifically when thinking about your inspired workspace, your Wealth Room, we want to think about the various factors which affect your energy, your mood, your body.

Do you have enough light? What is the view like? Is your space large enough to accommodate all that you do? Is it too noisy? Is your chair comfortable? Do you have all your supplies nearby? What is the temperature like? Do you have piles of clutter around?

Your Wealth Room is your foundation to a successful business. Design a space you like, a space that supports your creativity, and that allows you to be as prosperous as you want to be. The first step is in setting the intention to live and work in spaces that support who you are and what you do.

Make notes-what do you love about your space, what changes would you like to make?

Get clear on your daily activities-if you know how you use your space then it will be easier to set it up in a way that is most productive and pleasing.

Be willing to let go of furniture and items that no longer work for you-clearing your physical space goes a long way in clearing your inner space. We are more creative in uncluttered environments.

Need help? Feel free to contact me directly at when you are ready to design your Wealth Room.