The Day After….Tax Day. Let’s Talk Money.

Tax day is a day when money is top of mind. The day after, I invite you to consider money and especially our feelings, restraints, and limiting beliefs around money.

Limiting beliefs-this is such a buzz word and a bit new agey, AND it is our sticky and sticking points where old habits, inherited behaviors, and unproductive patterns get in our way.

Let me just be clear, this is an area I constantly work on or am mindful of in my own life. The old stuff is pretty deep and just when you think you have made progress then a new challenge presents itself. Funny how, if we process a certain level of awareness then we are continually presented the opportunity to learn.

As a coach and consultant I am allowed to peek behind the curtain on all aspects of my clients’ businesses and lives. I am witness to a lot of the ways in which we perpetuate our complicated relationship with money.

So of the most common self-inflicted wounds are:

-Undervaluing your services. I see this most commonly with creative people who are really good at what they do and completely lose sight of the fact that other people-their clients, do not possess these gifts and are willing to pay for fill in the blank (of what you do).

-Being vague about finances. If you are unclear about your financial situation then how do you make the best choices with your resources? This would be like a surgeon who thinks there is something wrong with your abdominal area and is ready to open you up. Wouldn’t you rather a surgeon who knows exactly which organ needs attention thus having a specific procedure in place with the necessary support team and tools?

-Ignoring your trifecta of resources-Time, Talent, and Treasure(Money). Yes, we all know the phrase time is money. Do you consistently look at your goals, your to-do list, your commitments through the lens of whether or not your time is being spent on income producing activities? Do you recognize the ROI of spending time to train someone to do a task that would free up more of your time for higher level activities? Do you take the time to record your procedures in order to avoid reinventing the wheel each day? Are you overly focused on income while ignoring your expenses?


I can help. Let’s talk money and whatever else is keeping your business from growing in a meaningful way.

In gratitude,