Ten Unmistakable Habits of Utterly Authentic People

Dr. Travis Bradberry is the coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and the author of Ten Unmistakable Habits of Utterly Authentic People. His insight into the necessity and value of living as your most authentic self is terrific. I have revisited this article several times and each time I am struck by a new thought or phrase that resonates strongly. Today for me, it is the concept of how our perceived roles can interrupt our authenticity. This can be a familial role or a professional role. Where have you adopted a role or a set of behaviors that are based on fitting in, keeping the peace, or in an attempt to make someone else happy? What I find fascinating is how comfortable it can be to remain stuck even when the requirements of the role are not in keeping with our integrity. When I realized that I wanted to move from designing spaces for clients to helping other business owners grow their businesses, it was hard for me to give up that comfortable place I had worked hard to achieve-Kristan, the landscape designer and interior designer. Yet, it was also hard to continue to ignore the calling I felt to coach other creatives. For a couple of years, I sat on the fence and tried to do both, with less than stellar results. It was scary to declare myself as a business coach because one role I had assumed both in my personal and professional lives, was that of being reliable. You could count on me to get the job done, to see ‘it’ through, to show up when I said I would, etc. Somehow in my brain, I thought that by changing my focus, my business model that I would be viewed as flaky, unreliable, a fake. A) That is just not true. I bring my same reliability and dedication to my coaching clients that I brought to my design clients. B) Who cares? Who am I trying to impress?

So my question to you, is how are you hiding your authentic self and why?

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