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Janine Hamner Holman
Certified Coach and Consultant

Janine is a native of Cambridge, MA and began her career as a community organizer in the Bed Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn NY in the 1980s.  She is an internationally recognized speaker and expert on leadership development, organizational management, how our brains work, and what it takes to attract and retain world-class talent.  As CEO of the J&J Consulting Group, Janine brings more than 30 years’ experience to her work.  Janine uses scientifically validated strategies and tools to build high performance teams, enhance organizational functioning, and develop organizations and leaders with whom everyone wants to work.  She has worked with everything from Fortune 200 companies to local nonprofits that are not merely interested in but committed to uncovering and solving the challenges they face at the root cause level.


Janine has served on Boards of Directors for local, national and international nonprofit organizations.  She spent more than 15 years working for nonprofit organizations before spending eight years in leadership at a Fortune 200 company.  She opened the J&J Consulting Group almost four years ago.  After completing school at NYU where she double majored in English and Political Science, Janine has gone on to earn a Certification from Cornell in the Psychology of Leadership, is a Certified Partnership Practitioner, is a Certified Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence, is a Certified Coach, and a Certified Partner with Culture Talk.  She is currently working with The Institute for Nonviolence on their Days Of Dialogue on Racism, Policing, the Pandemic + Beyond.