When and how do you create space for yourself each day? We know that we are all receiving an overload of information. If you live in a populated area then chances are silence is hard to come by too.


Why is it important to create space in our day?

-better decision making

-releases tension in our bodies

-increases our problem-solving abilities

-helps us to gain perspective

-assists in rewiring the brain


How do you ‘fit’ space into your day?

-before you get out of bed inhale and exhale 10 deep breathes

-before you fall asleep inhale and exhale 10 deep breathes

-set an alarm or reminder on your phone 

-allow time after a meal to daydream

-before you get out of your car pause, close your eyes, and breathe


What does space look like?

-an early morning walk

-sitting outside

-a hug from a loved one

-closing your eyes for a minute

-stretching your arms to the sky and/or to your toes

-laying on the floor for 5 minutes


Where can you get space?



Find your space today.


In gratitude,



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