Spaghetti On The Wall workbook

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An Elegant Journal for the Messy Ideas of Life


SOTW Journal offers you a place to document your celebrations, failures, accomplishments, missteps and inspirations. It’s way to identify the gems of your experiences and gain meaningful insight into your less than positive experiences, too.


Life is an adventure, SOTW celebrates your spirit and gives you a tool to enhance the journey through reflection.


Using your SOTW journal will give you greater clarity for your big picture on all of life’s winding paths.


Now! Start today; the perfect moment to start learning more about yourself and how to create a more meaningful life is right now.


The recent high school or college graduate.
The new parent or step-parent.
The individual who says ‘yes’ to just about everything.
The inventor, artist, entrepreneur and daydreamer who has no shortage of ideas.
The newly employed and the newly un-employed.
The child whose elderly parents are now looking to you for all the answers.
The person who is ready to be more themselves.



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  • SOTW Workshops are terrific for individuals and groups who find themselves at a crossroad, who are transitioning to their next chapter, who tired of living someone else’s idea of a life.
  • SOTW Workshops teach you how to find your voice when everyone has so much to say-ALL the TIME!
  • Participants learn the benefits and the how-to’s of developing a practice of discernment.
  • Upon completion of a SOTW Workshop, attendees will have a new respect and confidence for their ability to understand and decipher the thoughts and feelings that accompany everyday life and new experiences and how to better utilize that information as they consider a more intentional path for their life. Plus, their very own copy of Spaghetti on the Wall.