Moby Dick Cover Letter

Decided to share this imaginary cover letter that I wrote one evening when I was flush with the triumph of having read Moby Dick by Herman Melville from cover to cover.

Truth is I want your business. I am a darn good business coach ready for more clients who are ready to do their business better, . Read on to see if I am the kind of person who would be an asset to your company or organization.


To my future employer,

I just finished Moby Dick by Herman Melville this past weekend, and it feels good. Usually, I can read a book in a matter of days; this one took me months. Each chapter was like an eight course meal with wine pairings prepared by a master chef. A chef who comes highly recommended, but of whom, you had never directly experienced. Did I like Moby Dick? I am still digesting; I will get back to you on that.

Do I feel like I have accomplished a pretty incredible task? Absolutely, which leads me to be feeling pretty good about myself in the moment. How good you might ask? Well, I would hazard to compare my collective skill set and talents akin to a combination of SpiderMan, Olivia Pope of Scandal, Oprah, and Martha Stewart without the felony conviction (Which I bring up not because I hold it against her, but rather because this is a cover letter. Therefore, I want to be clear that I have not spent time in prison.).


I am highly intuitive, observant, and tend to see the interconnectedness of all things, the web of life if you will.

Olivia Pope?

I am professional. I see opportunities where others may see obstacles. I inspire loyalty because I am loyal. Lastly, solutions are my specialty.


I believe in everyone’s potential to be amazing when you are living authentically. I know that giving back locally and globally is a worthwhile endeavor. I am moved by beauty and love; I love to share beautiful experiences with others.

Martha Stewart?

I am highly organized and believe in doing things right. Taking the time to start with a solid foundation, putting first things first. I am a perfectionist who knows how to deliver. I am a very hard worker from peasant stock.

When I am not working or spending time with family, I love to read and travel. Reading and travel are essential to my life. Yes, both provide an escape from the day to day, yet with the unique ability of continuingly challenging me to explore what is at my core, my big ‘Why’, and most importantly, remind me of the numerous similarities I share with others. I will add music to the list too. Reading, travel, and music a perfect trifecta of experiences that are moving, humbling, and intoxicating. I believe that anything that removes the illusion of being alone, not being part of a bigger whole is a worthwhile pursuit.

Thank you for considering my application. If I sound like a good fit then I hope we can talk more about how I could support your organization, .

Best regards,

Kristan Browne

P.S. I almost forgot the most important quality I share with SpiderMan, Olivia Pope, Oprah, and Martha Stewart-I love helping people.