Here’s to a little help from my friends!

This is a busy week for me. I know we are all busy and not just in that ‘busy work’ sort of busy. We have big dreams for our lives and for our businesses. Here is the bottom line-we cannot do it alone. So…..we all need to learn to ask for help.

This week is busy for me because we have the upcoming LIVE Q&A for the Wealth Room Global Summit 2015.


This is also a busy week because a dear family friend is getting married, and she asked me for help. I love my friend, I love weddings, how could I say no?

In the same spirit of community and collaboration I want to thank everyone who made the Wealth Room Global Summit 2015 a success-to my support team:

Claire Stringer of Quail’s Egg, to Tammie Neumiller of Staff Ala Carte, and to Tarik Burton who is an incredible assistant.

To all my incredible speakers! Check out the website to see them all,

To the wonderful experts joining me on Thursday at 10am PST until Noon.

To all of you who are part of my community. You inspire me to keep on with my big dreams.

For your tip of the week, I am going to recommend you listen to the replays of the Wealth Room Interviews:

Noga has a great exercise for clearing your desk and your mind.

Shannon’s suggestions on how to set up our desks and tackle our daily tasks are awesome.

Regina’s perspective on clutter is eye-opening!

Narayani’s wisdom on self-care is foundational.

And the list goes on….

Every single speakers had so many great tips, seriously! The replays are up and FREE!

Please join us this Thursday, February 5th 10am PST.

In gratitude,