Find the Hidden Hours in Your Day


  • Start the day with a one word intention. If you know this is going to be a particularly full day then perhaps your word is patience, or faith, as in you have faith that you will have enough time to complete all the necessary task for that day. When you feel yourself getting caught up the busyness of the day then stop, breathe, remember your word, reset.
  • Pick 3 tasks to accomplish for each day. Yes, just 3. We tend to underestimate the time it takes to FULLY complete a task. Start with selecting the least desirable one and list all the steps you know of that will be required to do this task(You may discover more steps along the way.). Once completed then repeat for #2 and #3. Depending on your energy either leave the most desirable task for last or give yourself a boost by tackling the most desirable task after completing the least desirable one.
  • Stop Multitasking-Give each task your full attention. It will get done better and in less time. This means NOT checking email or answering the phone or texting during specific times of the day.
  • Schedule Breaks for Yourself-Ideally schedule a 15 or 20 minute break following each of your big tasks for the day. Get outside if possible, stand up, stretch, dance, JUMP. Make it a real break from all work related items. You will feel incredibly refreshed and you will increase your concentration.
  • Ask for help! “Many hands make light work.” Even as a solopreneur or home based business owner, you can ask for help from a colleague, a friend, a family member, a website. Being able to ask for help and learning to delegate are skills you need if you want your business to succeed. Start by asking for help with dinner tonight if you are normally the one to make dinner or perhaps ask a colleague if they have a template they are willing to share with you. Most people love to help when asked.
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