Is your car a mess? Why am I asking?


For many of us in the landscape industry, our vehicles are our mobile offices. Clutter in your office, mobile or stationary, wastes time and money not to mention does not look good to your clients.

Messy Car

Here are a few suggestions on how to neatly and efficiently create your mobile office. These suggestions work for your desk and office too:

#1) Figure out what it is that you need to have with you on a daily basis. For example: business cards, paint samples, a tape measure, an iPad, your intake forms, client files/drawings etc.

#2) Divide your daily stuff (Yes, that is the technical term.) between client information and tools.

#3) Dedicate a container to the tools preferably something with a lid that latches to help keep things from spilling out.

#4) Select a briefcase or portable file box for your client care items. You may wish to have both depending on how many projects you are currently working on. The file box could stay in the car and the briefcase could accompany you onto the site.

Can these 4 steps make a difference? Yes!

  • Less time looking for things that may or may not be in the car.
  • Less likelihood of forgetting something for a job site or for a client.
  • Being cool, calm, and collected translates into confidence with your clients and other landscape professionals.
  • Increases your ability to focus on the important things in your day when you are not rummaging around to find a client sample.

Read more about clutter and its negative affects on your business here:,-efficiency-profitability