Make an Ass of Yourself: How to Embrace Your Imperfections and Live Unfiltered

Sarah Robb O’Hagan posted a terrific article on LinkedIn back in September where she shares a couple of less than flattering photos of herself-a brave act in these days of filters, photoshop, and the perfected pout. More importantly, she unpacks the dangers big and small when we are too careful and overly consumed with how we look and sound. She warns us how our over-filtered lives contribute to the next generation’s unwillingness to take risks, make mistakes, screw up, be embarrassed, and grow in the process.

I have 3 children and I see what she is talking about firsthand.

I know the power in failure, I know the valuable lessons to be learned by taking risk AND I still struggle with embracing my imperfections, my failures, my screw-ups. I admit that I compare myself to others. I hold myself to standards of perfection that I would never hold anyone else to, friend or foe. I am my harshest critic. And to what end? Just to be reminded that I am very human; despite my best attempts, I cannot control everything and I still make mistakes.

One of my gifts to myself this year is permission to relax and make mistakes-revel in the making of mistakes and recognize them for what they truly are: precious life-affirming moments. I am going to take risks, I am going to get comfortable with being uncomfortable,I am going to post more goofy and unflattering pictures of myself. I am going to have more fun.

Ready to join me? Need help? Let’s talk about it!

With gratitude,