Get a Calendar

crafty calendar

Last week I suggested the importance of identifying your ‘big rocks’, the things in life that you look forward to, the stuff that feeds your mind, body, and soul, the big picture of your life this year.

This week’s step: Get a calendar. Yes, get a paper calendar that you write on and can see the entire month as a whole. To create a year that accommodates your big rocks, you need to be able to see the big picture. Plus, I truly believe that the act of putting pen to paper is powerful. Have fun and use colored pencils or Sharpies. Use stickers, glitter, gel pens-this is a celebration of your life.

utensils3Once you have your calendar then go through it month by month and write in your big rocks. Schedule time for your daily practices, your monthly treats, and the larger once a year items. It is a little like the Field of Dreams-’if you build it they will come’ mentality. So, go ahead and mark off two weeks in July when you want to drive across the country or designate an hour a day for a hike or your favorite exercise class. Until you give a voice to what matters to you then you will be at the whim of others and what matters to them. AND you will be amazed at how opportunities that support the life you are envisioning, begin to present themselves.

I am tempted to give you another step but as promised this is a year about one step at a time. Get your calendar and start marking it up with the moments that make your life special! Share your calendar on the Facebook page and check out my Pinterest board if you want inspiration.

With love and a light heart,