Don’t Fear the Uncharted-Breathing into a Difficult Situation

Have you ever had one of those conversations where you can feel the person across from you withdrawing or becoming agitated and anxious? Then you start talking more as your discomfort grows and pretty soon the entire conversation is off the rails.

What if you could relieve the pressure and possibly rescue the conversation?

Breathing into a difficult situation is a start. So many times when we are anxious, we forget to breathe. Conversely, this can happen when we are really excited too.

Pausing, taking a deep breath, then exhaling completely will help to release the tension you are bringing to the interaction. If possible continue to breathe deeply, slowly with the intention of letting it all go. The ‘it’ can be your anxiety, your expectations, your fears, your frustration and anger.

In addition to the positive benefits you are receiving from your breath, often the people around you will benefit too and begin to adopt your breath pattern.

Once you have found a bit of space in your own body, in the conversation, in the tension then you might consider asking a question. If this is a professional interaction and you have been trying to ‘sell’ yourself then consider backing up and making sure you are serving your client in a way they want and need. Get curious about where they are in their process.

If you could use help in practicing your difficult client conversations then contact me, My clients have found it extremely helpful to role play and develop some scripts before a situation goes off the rails.

In gratitude,