Ambassador of the Cosmos

Ambassador of the Cosmos


Any object, food, being is an ambassador of the cosmos. Take for an example a piece of bread and consider all that goes into making the piece of bread-sunlight, water, the earth, the clouds. The piece of bread is a wonder of life. It is there for us all. We have to be there for it.

  • How do you show up for your clients, for your business?
  • Is your attention inward, worrying about your next appointment, your schedule, what you left undone?
  • Or are you ready to behold the wonders of your work found in big and small moments? Why does this matter?
  • Why are you talking about butterflies and unicorns when I need to focus on getting stuff done and the bottom line?

If I were to give you the answer strictly thinking about the bottom line then this is why it matters. Being present to the everyday wonders of life keeps you in your creative zone. People like being around positive people and will pay money to be around positive energy. Your clients will open up to you when you are open to them and your projects will turn out better. You will have more energy for your business and your life.

Are you ready to be an Ambassador of the Cosmos? Let me help. Schedule some time to talk over a Strategy Session and figure out what your business looks like when you are an ambassador.

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