365 Day Challenge-Day 25 Selective Watering

Through the practice of deep looking, we can identify the positive seeds that we want to water every day, and train ourselves not to water the negative ones. This is called ‘selective watering’. The Buddha recommended methods for doing this, and even a few days of this practice can bring about transformation. Thich Nhat Hanh, Your True Home

Today is one of those mornings when I wake up full of gratitude for all things in my life; I feel overcome with a sense of abundance that leaves me wondering how can I do right by all the good in my life. Today’s lesson provides a wonderful suggestion. As I see it, by putting my energy and intention towards the positive in my life, this will yield not only more of the results I would like but also more of the goodness I want for those around me. I want to be an agent of change for my clients, my community, my loved ones. My hope is to inspire more people to step more fully into doing that which they love, engage creatively, and share their goodness with others.

The other reading I did this morning discussed comparison and timing within the context of growth and meaningful change. I can be impatient and I have been known to force situations. My impatience and determination to resolve situations are not mal-intended. I get anxious and I start thinking that something should happen faster than it is, or that I know what is the best way to get something done. The truth is everything has its own timing. Each situation has multiple paths to resolution and in my impatience and determination, I could miss an opportunity for learning.

Now, how do I see the practice of ‘selective watering’ and faith in our own path as being interwoven? First, we needed to have a sense of our path. As I mentioned for me, it is about helping people build sustainable and creatively-driven businesses. Part of my ‘selective watering’ is to model that in my own business and continue to reach out to people who may benefit from my services. Do I want to be helping more people each day? Absolutely. However, I cannot force anyone to change or see that working with me would radically shift how they are doing business. Contact me if you would like to discuss your path, where you would like to make positive changes and grow your business in a meaningful way, kristan@attriniti.com.

In gratitude,