Best way to create the life you want, build the success you desire? Be present.

IMG_9776I just returned from NC where I celebrated the life of my grandmother who lived to 103. I knew I would get up to speak and share a remembrance, but what to say? I spent nearly every summer with my grandparents; I have so many memories of my time with them. I say them because my grandparents were married for over 72 years, and they were for most of my life a package deal, a team.

As I reflected on what to share with the friends and family that were gathered for the memorial and celebration, it came to me. Grandma’s greatest lesson to me was her ability to remain present.

I loved Grandma; I love her still. I also really enjoyed Grandma. I enjoyed the good hugs she gave and received. She was really good at asking for hugs. I enjoyed how she could eat a huge meal and then still find room for dessert. It would take a long time for her to finish the meal as she savored every bite. I enjoyed our conversation that could cover a myriad of topic and leave me with a smile. She knew how to listen, really listen.

My grandparents shared an amazing life together and theirs’ was an incredible love story. When my grandfather passed away after over 7 decades together, I did not know what Grandma’s future would look like. I was worried.

The years between then and now, Grandma’s passing, revealed to me in much greater definition the woman, the person Grandma was.

She was strong, even strong-willed.SCN_0035

She was resilient.

She was honest and vulnerable.

She was loving and caring.

In truth I already knew she embodied all those attributes, but there was something in these recent years that had brought those qualities to my attention in more detail.

Upon further reflection, if I were to select one lesson from all she taught me, the one trait I wish to emulate, it is to remain present.

Grandma knew how to do this very well and as a result lived a very full life.

I am grateful for this moment to celebrate Grandma. To all of you who have gathered today remembering Grandma, thank you.

For it is in recognizing the joy and beauty right before us that we create own own rich and meaningful lives.

Thank you, Grandma for everything.

The benefits of remaining present in our lives, our work, and our relationships:

  • It is easier to know what you need.
  • It is easier to ask for help.
  • It is easier to identify what actions to take.
  • It is easier to focus on the task at hand.
  • It is easier to be aware of opportunities.
  • It is easier to be yourself, your best self.

Stop multitasking or else you might miss the moment right in front of you.


In gratitude,