Thanks for being an incredible resource for my biz. Aside from being an imaginative and spirited partner, you’ve helped provide a ton of joy in my work.

As a small business owner, I have been really fortunate to work with Kristan Browne and Attriniti Consulting. She has been a great asset to me in regard to  time management, vision, and productivity. As a result of her weekly consulting I spend more time and effort on revenue generating activities, have developed a more productive marketing strategy, and seen a surge in sales and conversions . With small business budgets its always difficult to feel confident about selecting a great business coach but I have have seen immense growth and felt completely satisfied during my tenure with Kristan and Attriniti.

Time management has always been a problem for me and creating time to play to my strengths was something that I hoped to accomplish. Luckily, this was Kristan’s area of expertise and she helped me to discover quickly what are my strengths. Additionally, I received the resources I needed in order to focus on what I do best. As a result, I have a more productive week and enjoy my job a great deal more, focusing on what I do best has always been more fulfilling.

When I began my small business, I had developed a marketing that wasn’t really going to leverage my strengths. However, Attriniti helped my form a new marketing strategy that was very different than my competition. I overcame the fear of marketing myself as an asset and am currently doing much more personalized media regarding my products and services. If it wasn’t for Krista n, I am not sure I would have ever realized that I can be as influential or persuasive  in media.  Now my marketing is more robust, I feature video, bios and other materials to help get my messages to potential clients.

Sales for company has changed dramatically and it is a result of how I manage my time and my evolved marketing platform. Not only am I getting more inquiries and sales calls but they are easier to convert.

Kristan’s weekly meetings and resources has helped my business develop a terrific sales highway that gets me paid quicker and more efficiently. It is great knowing that work can be so much fun, and at the same time make the kind of financial impact on my life.

Kristan and Attrinti are for real! Thanks Kristan!


Matt Z


Paymintz Merchant Services


 From the onset Kristan of Attriniti Consulting was extremely helpful in helping me align my ideas with who my clients are and how to really emphasize the empathy I have for them. 

 We discussed what type of solutions were available to me for things like marketing, advertising and networking. My Achilles heel is managing my day and she showed me ways to improve on scheduling, which increased my productivity.  Kristan even improved the functionality of my office. She has an “eye” for design…she sketched out how my office layout could not only look better but also improve how I work. A couple tweaks of where things were, and the decrease of clutter makes my space less stressful and more appealing to clients.  

Having someone to check-in with on a regular basis was one of the most important take-aways from working with Kristan.  I was “phoning it in” a little as I’ve had the same career for almost two decades. Our meetings held me accountable and reminded me that I needed to make myself accountable to myself.  I whole-heartedly endorse, refer, and suggest working with Kristan to improve on whatever you know (and don’t know) you need to do.


Jeremy B. – Arroyo Financial


In September 2016, I was introduced to Kristan through a mutual landscape designer association in which we are both members.

In 2018, we were in Toronto together at this designer’s conference when I approached her to inquire more about her consulting practice, Attriniti.

Our firm grew 100% in 2018 and I was feeling stretched. At the same time, I knew Living Water Irrigation and Landscaping, LLC, needed a fresh mission and vision for 2019 and beyond.

I started working with Kristan in November of 2018. We came to an agreement of a four-month plan for strategic planning. As I looked at her website and her service offerings, I became more intrigued, especially her idea of a wealth room. This wealth room concept helped me start focusing in decluttering my office and getting a clear picture of what my design space was going to feel like.

Kristan is very easy to work with by her very thorough pre-work materials, consulting call work, and follow through. She has a very knowledgeable, balanced, and holistic approach. Her billing is very easy to understand, and she worked with my situation to make it work with my wife and business partner.

I worked with Kristan to clarify what I do, how I do it, and essentially look at what I want to do “When I grow up.”

Kristan helped me be an outward processor, which I am. This helped me get out of my head and focus on my big picture dreams of specializing in large land conservancy projects, Southwest Ranches, and large estates (which need a multidisciplinary firm to handle these properties complexities in regards towards water management).

I would definitely recommend Attriniti for anyone who not only wants to go to their next level but needs to. Kristan works with you to become “unstuck.” I would happily work with Kristan again in the future!


Mark G. Brotton
Lead Designer
Living Water Irrigation and Landscape LLC


Even though I had a successful landscape design business I knew there were areas that I could streamline and improve.

Kristen helped me re-define how I worked with my design clients to give them the best experience possible while working with us. She also helped me organize my weekly and daily workflow to make it easier to manage. Throughout the discovery process, Kristan offered ideas and guideposts as well as challenging questions that helped me to prioritize my wants and needs for my professional life. I will continue to work with her as the new systems are tested and refined. I now consider her input a major factor in our continued success.

Susan Cohan, Landscape Designer


I recently finished a 4 month coaching program with Kirstan Browne at Attrinity Consulting. I hired Kristan to help me get focused on my nutrition coaching practice and grow sales in 2019.

With Kristan’s direction I was able to create and implement a much needed client on-boarding and workflow system. Kristan was very good at easily learning and understanding my unique business challenges, and helping me find ways to get to the core of what my clients want and need, thus engaging my clients and securing more profitable packages and appointments.

Kristan also helped me expand my marketing and networking efforts, and as a result I am interacting with more professionals and have experienced an uptick in the amount of referrals I am receiving. We were also able to successfully launch a wellness retreat on my menu of services, and a corporate wellness coaching program.

Even after our 4 month program had ended, I hired Kristan to help me develop a customized script so that I could convert more of my new clients from their initial consultation into a long term coaching package. The script has proven to be extremely effective and it gives me the tools I need to lead my clients with more confidence.

Thanks to my work with Kristan, I feel more confident and prepared to grow my business than ever before. Her ideas are practical, easy to implement, and relevant to what my business and clients need right now in order to manifest a successful wellness practice. And, she is a great wordsmith, helping me draft a number of presentations, email templates, and webpages with the goal of reaching more of my target audience and converting them to happy clients. I would highly recommend Kristan and her company to any business owner who wants to scale up and take it to the next level. I can say that this has been the most productive 6 months I have experienced in a long time.

Harvey Slater, harveyslater.com


I feel I received great benefit from my Strategy Session with Kristan Browne.

She helped me decide how to navigate a transition that is happening in my business offerings, as my skills increase in areas that I would like to pursue. Her personal, first-hand knowledge of the landscape trade was a valuable aspect of her clear and focused guidance. Her questions drew out important priorities that we both knew would spell the greatest benefit to me, as well as my customers.
I would strongly recommend Kristan to anyone who is not yet clear about what their business and/or life goals are. To be able to get guidance from a focused and gentle mentor is truly a blessing in this “hurry up and get it done” world. I look forward to sharing my successes with her.

Lori Palmquist, Landscape Professional


“Kristan was able to look at my business structure objectively and give me excellent advice on how to improve my work flow. I appreciate her honesty and experience. She treated me like a friend as well as a client.”

Laura Bauer, Bauer Garden Design



“I highly recommend working with Attriniti, Kristan Browne.
I purchased my home in Eagle Rock in 2014 and have been gradually improving and restoring the property. After having the exterior painted it was time to address the yard. Before Kristan’s landscaping job, there were some wonderful trees on the property, but mostly an ailing landscape in need of a beautiful and transformational drought tolerant design solution.

In working with Kristan this is exactly what I got. I’m so thankful I didn’t try to manage the project myself, from water regulators to irrigation timers, from taking down a scraggly juniper shrub to building a new retaining wall, from reducing the lawn to selecting native plants. Kristan is an incredibly talented designer, collaborator and ally to have alongside you for any home improvement project. She listened to my ideas, observed my taste, respected my budget and wowed me with the results. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her wonderful design skills are matched with her astute management abilities, which is a treasure to find indeed.

Thank you Kristan for helping to transform the land around my home and in turn transform my ability to enjoy my home in whole. Because of working with Kristan this process was a joy. I will definitely work with Kristan in the future when I take on other projects like lighting design and kitchen remodeling.”

Amy B.


“Dear Kristan,
[We wanted] to tell you how much R. and I appreciate the work you did early this year on her bedroom. It is a very cute space-useable, fun, and feminine. You were a pleasure to work with, and we really benefited from your creativity and expertise.”

Best, L.


“Kristan Browne brings two very important things to the table when she speaks about creating effective work and personal spaces —  one, a great eye, with solid design skills to back up her creative intuition; and two, the important message of “less is more” and how it related to stress. I felt better just hearing Kristan talk about ways to minimize stress through organized spaces, before doing any of the actual work of decluttering. Simply hearing Kristan speak has such a calming effect, that I can only imagine the positive impact she has once the process gets started!”

Lisa Vandergriff


“Before working with Kristan I struggled with finalizing ideas for landscaping the garden and/or re-decorating rooms in my home. In working with her I discovered new ideas and perspective. After working with her I am enjoying the choices I made with her consultations. I knew I wanted to create a (temporary) bride’s room out of a guest room. I chose to work with Kristan because of her creative thinking, excellent taste, ability to facilitate my ideas. I am delighted with the outcome of our collaboration.”

Lucy G


“Before working with Kristan I struggled with getting organized and staying organized. I didn’t have any kind of system in place. As a result, I was continually rewriting my training documents (talk about a waste of time!) or spending precious prep time on looking for them. I was frustrated and overwhelmed!

“In working with Kristan I discovered simple and effective systems that help me prioritize where to put things and what I really needed (and what I could get rid of).

“Now, after working with her, my space feels like a sanctuary. I save tons of time because I know where to find whatever I need. And I feel inspired to keep using the system we set up because it’s easy and I love the results! She helped me reorder my life, and for that I am so grateful.”

~Sandra B., Independent Trainer and Consultant for Child Welfare


I was looking to create a work space that reflected my personality and utilized the existing pieces with only a few necessary additions. I wanted a space that was streamlined, practical and functional for my family room/work space area.

I had excessive clutter and unnecessary pieces within this space and I wasn’t certain how to go about creating a space that I had envisioned.

I decided to work with Kristan because of her keen sense of design and style. I knew that whatever I had in my existing space she would be able to guide me through a space transformation. We set out together defining my vision and identifying the necessary steps;   setting short and long term goals for the project. Ridding the clutter was the first in a series of short term goals. The goals were reasonable and doable. At one point, Kristan broke it down even further for me by being sensitive to my time restraints while at the same time continuing to stay on track with the timeline for the project.

At some point during the project I felt unclear of what I had thought was my perfect vision for my space. Kristan was able to guide me through this impasse with a series of questions, examples of design images and reflective soul searching to help get me through to a clearer vision of the space. I was amazed that there was more to what I wanted in my space than I had originally thought was my vision.

Working with Kristan in creating my work space was a personal triumph because I created a space to run my business. It was exactly what I envisioned for myself. It felt as if I was the one creating it for myself which I think for me was very important because it was a reflection of who I was. Kristan was able to guide me in the process from start to finish with her expertise, keen design sense and the ability to hone in on my personality. Kristan’s ability to work with her client’s and a “we’re in this together” approach was extremely valuable to me because that’s exactly what I needed to bring my vision to fruition.

Monica, A Very “Happy” Client


We knew we wanted a relaxed and colorful yard that would compliment the house and invite friends outside. We wanted favorite plants—most drought tolerant, some not, with relatively easy maintenance. We also wanted our collection of succulents and cacti to look at home.

We chose to work with Kristan because we had seen her work in one of the loveliest backyards in Pasadena, and because of her no-nonsense, easy manner and obvious know-how.

And we are thrilled because every time we look outside we have reason to smile. Moreover, guests always exclaim over the garden. Just today, a visitor said, “Your yard smells amazing.” And the bees love it, too.

Susan Nix