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Inside-Out-Tap into your Natural Genius! Coming in March 2019

InsideOutside, an Exciting 2-Day Workshop March 2019 in the Los Angeles Area co-facilitated by Kristan Browne and James Ripley, founder of the Guided Meditation Institute. Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Team Leaders are invited to spend 2 days in a serene, private setting.  Refresh your tool box, reimagine your business, relax and explore how creativity, reflective/meditative states, and play benefit your business, your relationships, and your success.

Spaces will be limited. Inquire now about Early Bird Specials and Multi-Ticket Discounts.


  • Are you wondering how to achieve more balance in your personal and professional lives?
  • Does time management and scheduling seem like a foreign language?
  • Do you have a business you started because you wanted to do something you loved but now you fantasize about getting a job?
  • Do you have more great ideas than time or resources?
  • Does the thought of change overwhelm you, in your life or in your business?

As a lifelong learner, Kristan believes we all can learn something new each and every day. The key is to receive the information in manageable bits and simple to do steps. Her workshops and classes are full of easy to implement content as well as illuminating examples. Kristan uses her own experiences, partner/group exercises, and safe conversation in her presentations for a dynamic and lasting experience. Kristan knows that your time is valuable.

Kristan offers industry/audience specific classes and workshops. Inquire for details.

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Creativity & Prosperity Reboot

Kristan Browne of Attriniti Consulting developed CPR to expand our understanding of creativity and the important role it plays in wellness, balance, and prosperity.
Discuss the benefits of utilizing your creativity, both professionally and personally.
Develop a plan to outsmart obstacles that hinder the creative process, particularly in a world filled with distractions and devices.

Discover how creative engagement empowers collaboration and team building in unexpected and meaningful ways.

We’ll explore definitions of creativity and prosperity in a fun and playful setting. Learn to bring your creative strengths into your daily life and see demonstrated results while enjoying what you do more.

CPR Workshops are available for small groups and retreats. Contact Kristan for more information,

Breathe new life into your business, your life.

Book your own Creativity & Prosperity Reboot.