Classes and Workshops

  • Have you ever wanted to know how to organize your life?
  • Does time management and scheduling seem like a foreign language, you do not speak?
  • Do you have a business you started because you wanted to do something you loved but now you fantasize about getting a job?
  • Would you like to experience the work/life balance everyone seems to be striving for?
  • Does the thought of change overwhelm you, in your life or in your business?

As a lifelong learner, Kristan believes we all can learn something new each and every day. The key is to receive the information in manageable bits and simple to do steps. Her workshops and classes are full of easy to implement content as well as illuminating examples. Kristan uses her own experiences, partner/group exercises, and safe conversation in her presentations for a dynamic and lasting experience. Kristan knows that your time is valuable.

Kristan offers industry/audience specific classes and workshops. Inquire for details.

Recent Offerings:

  • Creativity and Prosperity Bootcamp
  • Find your Creative Zone
  • Wealth Rooms-The Inspired and Inspiring Work Space
  • Burn Your To-Do List-Getting out of from under your Busy Work
  • 3 Keys to Reclaiming Your Space and Your Purpose
  • Stress Relief-The Case for Removing Clutter