Business Coaching

You have a dream to start your own business…

Now what? Where to begin? Is this harder than you thought it would be?

Kristan Browne of Attriniti has worked for small businesses and owned several successful small businesses for the majority of her professional career. She’s had her share of challenges on the way to building a business that blossoms year after year, and ultimately developed a set of  solid business practices. Kristan has seen fellow professionals offer amazing services and value to their clients but continue to struggle for years and years to have a business that truly thrives. Sometimes these people have a great foundation but aren’t sure how to make the leap up to the next level in their work. 

Since Attriniti’s Business Consulting is customized for the aspiring or emerging entrepreneur, Kristan’s clients develop a strong foundation for their business to support their creative engagement and continued inspiration to take their dreams to the next level.

Are you struggling with:

  • Finding quality clients ready to pay you what you’re worth?
  • Retaining the clients you love to work with?
  • Developing a marketing strategy that you can afford and yields real results?
  • Riding out bumpy feast-or-famine seasonal cycles?
  • Feeling ‘sales-y’ or inauthentic when you share about your business?

Kristan Browne has created a business consulting program especially to serve creative individuals  who are ready to do something they love and have their business work for them season after season.

Grow Your Gifts into a Profession

Purpose, People, Profit

  • Get more clients and referrals for a thriving business
  • Build client loyalty among your current clients for repeat business
  • Grow steady crops of projects for every season
  • Eliminate dropped balls and stop losing income
  • Make the money you desire working with clients you love

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“I feel I received great benefit from my Strategy Session with Kristan Browne. She helped me decide how to navigate a transition that is happening in my business offerings, as my skills increase in areas that I would like to pursue. Her personal, first-hand knowledge of the landscape trade was a valuable aspect of her clear and focused guidance. Her questions drew out important priorities that we both knew would spell the greatest benefit to me, as well as my customers.

I would strongly recommend Kristan to anyone who is not yet clear about what their business and/or life goals are. To be able to get guidance from a focused and gentle mentor is truly a blessing in this ‘hurry up and get it done’ world. I look forward to sharing my successes with her.”

Lori Palmquist, Landscape Professional