What’s the value of a custom-designed environment?

How much does it contribute to your life?

What can Attriniti residential and landscape design do for you?

Your environments, inside and out, have the ability to decrease stress, increase your ability to relax, allow for greater productivity and focus, and provide inspiration and connection.

Kristan Browne of Attriniti knows this. She co-creates landscapes and interior spaces that are unique and as individual as her clients: spaces that feel good, spaces that support your intentions and reflect who you are now and where you’d like to be in the years to come.

With her incredible attention to detail and her ability to design beautiful as well as functional spaces, Kristan specializes in working closely with her clients to define their intention in their physical space — indoors and out.

We all know what it feels like to be frantic, stressed, overwhelmed. Let’s make certain that your home, garden, or office space supports you and the life you desire.

Kristan has over a decade of experience in design and is committed to serving not only her clients but the community.

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Are you a landscape professional?

Are you ready to see your business thrive as beautifully as the spaces you create?

Kristan Browne of Attriniti offers targeted business consulting packages that call on her years of experience of making a great living out of doing the work she loves.

Kristan’s programs will show you how to:

  • Connect with and retain quality clients
  • Stop the feast or famine nature of your business and grow steady crops of projects
  • Eliminate dropped balls and stop losing income

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