What if your home, your garden, your office was a true reflection of you?

What would that look like?

What would that feel like? How could that change your life?

Space Matters – your environment can affect your mood, your health, your success.

Your environments, inside and out, can decrease stress, increase your ability to relax, allow for greater productivity and focus, and provide creative inspiration.

Kristan Browne knows this. She co-creates interiors and exterior spaces that are unique and as individual as her clients: spaces that feel good, spaces that support your dreams and intentions.

With her incredible attention to detail and her ability to design beautiful and functional spaces, she specializes in working closely with her clients to define their intention in their physical space-indoors and out.

  • Do more.
  • Or do less and actually relax.
  • Feel better.
  • Decrease stress.
  • Increase joy.
  • Be more authentically you.
  • Recognize your greatness.
  • Spend more time with friends and family.
  • Free yourself from your stuff – physical and mental.

Stress, feeling overwhelmed, and disconnection are more prevalent than ever in today’s world; your homes, office, and gardens can provide inspiration, relaxation, and illumination. Kristan’s mission is to discover, enhance, and realize individuals’ and organizations’ unique stories and truths, through design.

We all know what it feels like to be frantic, stressed, overwhelmed. Let’s make certain that your home, garden, or office support you and the life you want.
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Do you avoid rooms because of clutter?
Are you continually thinking that you will start that new project just as soon as you get organized?
How much time do you waste looking for misplaced items?
Does your energy flag when you think about your desk top?

What if your home, office, and garden were designed with the intention of focus, relaxation, inspiration, community…..You name it?